With the first shot from her upcoming thriller, ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ Olivia Wilde teases Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.

Olivia Wilde wanted to tackle something more ambitious with her follow-up to 2019’s coming-of-age comedy “Booksmart,” a psychological thriller she compared to “The Matrix,” “Inception,” and “The Truman Show.” “Don’t Worry Darling,” Wilde’s second feature picture, will be released in September, and it got a buzzy premiere at the Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon on Tuesday night, when audiences got a first look at the Harry Styles and Florence Pugh drama.

“Don’t Worry Darling” is “a love letter to movies that push the borders of our imagination,” Wilde said during the Las Vegas event, speaking to theatre owners and select reporters.

“I want you to imagine a world where you have everything you could possibly desire,” she said of the movie. “It’s not only about material goods… such as a lovely home, ideal weather, and stunning automobiles But also the things that truly matter, such as true love, the ideal partner, genuine, trusted friendships, and a sense of purpose.”

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“How much would it cost you to give up that wonderful life?” “How much are you willing to give up to do the right thing?” Wilde inquired, ostensibly revealing the film’s core idea and revealing the film’s riddles. “Are you willing to deconstruct the system that was created to help you?”

Along with her speech, Warner Bros. released a trailer for “Don’t Worry, Darling.” The film is set in the 1950s, according to reviews of the footage from many press agencies, including Variety, and the teaser first emphasises the ideal union between the characters played by Pugh and Styles. (According to Deadline, the steamy films, which featured scenes of the actors in various degrees of nakedness, raised eyebrows.) However, it appears that Pugh’s character’s entire worldview is affected when she becomes aware of the violence around her.

Katie Silberman wrote the screenplay, which Wilde directs. Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, Douglas Smith, Kate Berlant, and Timothy Simons star alongside Styles and Pugh in the picture.

Warner Bros. is set to release “Don’t Worry Darling” on September 23, 2022.

Sonam Singh
Sonam Singh
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