Irene Day Attains Financial Freedom and Is Helping Others Do the Same

Many aspire to achieve the level of financial security that comes from sufficient savings, investments, and liquid assets to support their preferred standard of living. Financial security is also when you have saved enough money to retire comfortably or start a new career without feeling pressured to make a certain amount of money every year. For Irene Day, her idea of financial independence is the liberty to travel whenever she pleases and be financially secure while pursuing her passions.

Many people, sadly, have yet to achieve financial independence. This is why financial expert Irene Day has made it her life’s work to teach others how to build wealth and security for themselves. Irene is a financial consultant and the CEO of Hannah Financial. This financial consulting firm grew from zero to a seven-figure enterprise in less than three years, thanks to Irene’sIrene’s leadership.

Irene did not have the opportunity to acquire a solid grounding in business or finance while growing up in the poor neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio. You don’t learn how to launch a successful enterprise in college. “Everything I know now, I learned on my own, and I still have a lot to learn. It took me a while to understand that if I didn’t put in my full effort, my business wouldn’t succeed. The internet makes it look so easy when it’s not,” Irene says.

Starting her own business required Irene to organize and develop all of her knowledge independently. When most people in Irene’s position would look for advice from more experienced colleagues, Irene took a more difficult route. She decided she could learn more by making her own mistakes and gaining insight from them. A significant takeaway for her was the importance of giving one’s all to one’s interests.

“I try to be open and honest in all my interactions with others. I tell you straight up who I am, where I come from, and what services I offer,” Irene said. She tells it like it is for her client with regard to credit and taxes. Irene has seen many people repackage and rehash old, useless information that only makes things worse for other people. Those are the kinds of people she vowed never to join.

At the beginning of her career, she struggled greatly because her mind wasn’t in the game. She did things that reinforced that notion in her mind. After she was sure she had what it took to be successful, she started committing to something and doing things that helped her stay strong. Irene Day has become a leading expert and mentor in finance because she is always positive and makes smart decisions.

Irene Day has dedicated her life to teaching and mentoring those who, like herself, push the limits of their abilities to pursue their dreams. Irene hopes that her mobile app and online community, Hannah Financial University, will teach both seasoned financial experts and people just starting out how to build a successful, profitable business.

Irene believes that having an employer is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, the rise of social media has made many people resent going to work daily. Her advice to would-be business owners is to take stock of their strengths and weaknesses and work to improve them. If you want to catch up with Irene, you can follow her Instagram as @ireneday.

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Mason Cooper
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