Los Angeles Author Ross Victory Announces New Multi-Media Literary Adventure, Grandpa’s Cabin

Award-winning author and recording artist, Ross Victory announces an exciting new multi-media literary adventure. The multifaceted artist is an accomplished singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and writer. He brings all these talents to bear on his latest and most ambitious project to date, Grandpa’s Cabin. Grandpa’s Cabin was pre-launched at the Festival of Great Reads at Long Beach City College.

Los Angeles native Ross Victory has been a creator his entire life. The modern renaissance man first shared his work with the public in 2019 through his memoir, Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son. After the loss of both his father and brother, Victory turned to creative writing to navigate grief and depression. He began publishing novels, cutting hit records, and winning industry accolades soon thereafter. The celebrated YA novelist is known for intersectional, educational, and entertaining fiction. The author’s sixth and latest book introduces a few screams into the mix.

Grandpa’s Cabin is the first in a three-book series. The cutting-edge young adult sci-fi horror novel will be available everywhere September 13, 2023. Victory is releasing the book in three formats: as a paperback/e-book, a coloring/lookbook, and an audiobook. The audiobook versionwill trail the initial book release and feature brand new original music, penned, and performed by Ross Victory.

The novel tells the story of eighty-four-year-old geneticist Bernie Crenshaw who, nearing the end of his life, leaves his multi-million-dollar mansion to his eighteen-year-old grandson, Nova. The only condition is that the boy never sells it, as the place is home to some dark family secrets. Three years later, Nova and his friends celebrate his 21st birthday at the mansion. Consequently, they come face-to-face with those secrets, and Nova must choose between friends and his family’s legacy. The series features memorable BIPOC characters with diverse and complex backgrounds. As a black author, Victory said it was important for him to showcase narratives that are not necessarily driven by race, sexuality, or marginalization, but showcase these life experiences and complexity of them.

Victory is also an educator. When he isn’t writing books or creating music, he is uplifting his local community by raising awareness about homelessness, empowering fellow writers, and educating his community about the needs of LGBTQ youth, particularly the mental health disparities of bi/bi+ youth and the bisexual community at large.

Grandpa’s Cabin by Ross Victory will be available in print, e-book, coloring/storybook, and audiobook everywhere on September 13, 2023. It is the first of an exciting new three-book YA sci-fi/horror series. Pre-order your copy today.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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