PATRON: How to Celebrate with Style This Cinco de Mayo, don’t forget to dress up.

PATRON Tequila, the world’s No. 1 super-premium tequila*, is raising a glass and celebrating Cinco de Mayo the best way they know how: with family. PATRN and renowned streetwear designer John Geiger have collaborated once more to release the limited-edition PATRN x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers, which feature a colorway and unique materials inspired by the brand’s agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico.

The high-end shoe exemplifies PATRN’s commitment to perfection and John’s meticulous attention to detail in each of his one-of-a-kind designs. This collaboration is the ideal way to spend the holidays, with both collaborators based in good taste, experiential living, and timeless style.


Both PATRN’s and Geiger’s work demonstrate the meticulous attention to detail required to build a truly unique, category-leading product in their respective sectors. Geiger’s shoes are created with precision from high-quality materials, and the designs for this collaboration, as well as the speciality leather used, were inspired by Jalisco’s agave fields. With a single glance, vibrant hues, including an exterior that matches the brand’s iconic light green ribbon on a bright white background, bring PATRN to mind. The tan insole of the design emphasises the product’s proximity to the fields where PATRN grows the 100% Weber Blue Agave required to make its just flawless tequila.

“I’m continually amazed and astonished with PATRN,” Geiger says about the relationship. I had a great time working with them on our streetwear line last year, and this is another collaboration that is completely motivated by passion. It was only natural to go all out for Cinco de Mayo with an enormous sneaker drop that builds on the concepts we made with them last year. The green of the leather details was particularly inspiring, as it evokes the heart of PATRN, the agave pias from the fields of Jalisco, Mexico.”

These sneakers are as versatile as PATRN Silver tequila, taking you from the courts to the cocktail bar and everything in between.


The heartbeat of PATRN is people, and no Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without a few cocktails shared with friends. Look no farther than vibrant and delectable drinks that emphasise a variety of ingredients for a genuinely excellent drink for a lineup as well-rounded as the crew — and kicks — you’ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo with. PATRN offers a versatile touch to every Cinco de Mayo party, whatever drink you select, from the smooth and sweet flavour of PATRN Silver in the Strawberry Summer Mule to the rich flavours of PATRN Reposado in the Perfect Paloma.

High Tide Perfect PATRN Margarita Strawberry Summer Mule Watermelon Patio Punch (batch serve)

Both PATRN and Geiger recognise the necessity of uncompromising attention to their profession, resulting in great synergies in their relationship.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, don’t miss the release of the limited-edition PATRN x John Geiger GF-01 sneakers, which will sell for $250.00 and will be available on on May 5 at 5 p.m. EST. To buy sneakers, you must be at least 21 years old. While supplies last, this item is available.

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