According to video, comedian Dave Chappelle was assaulted onstage. According to the LAPD, a suspect has been apprehended.

Following the release of a video showing Dave Chappelle being attacked onstage, Los Angeles police said an audience member with a knife was arrested after tackling a “famous comedian” Tuesday night at the Hollywood Bowl.

“At the Hollywood Bowl, a well-known comedian was performing. As he was exiting the platform after finishing his act, a male audience member leaped on the stage and tackled this celebrity to the ground “Officer Lizeth Lomeli, a spokesperson for the LAPD, said
According to Lomeli, the suspect, 23, was detained for assault with a deadly weapon and sent to a hospital for treatment. She stated that the victim “was not hurt as a result of the crime.”
Lomeli described the weapon as a “knife blade.”
the guy possessed a knife that was an imitation handgun, according to LAPD Officer Rosario Cervantes.
The motivation for the alleged attack is still unknown.
It was also unclear whether Chappelle had filed a police report.
“Netflix is a Joke: The Festival” was where Chappelle was performing.
Chappelle was closing up his set and preparing to introduce a musical act when a man went on to the stage and tackled him, according to an audience member at the show, Jed Simon.
Simon claimed he was in the third row, watching the show with his companions, when the incident occurred.
“A guy in front of us had just ascended the stage. ‘What the f*** is going on?’ I said, as he emerged from the audience.”   “The next thing I know, he’s lunging at Dave and tackling him to the ground. What the hell was going on, I thought.”
Rachel Crane, was also in the crowd and described the chaos that followed the incident.
The suspect, according to Crane, was carrying a backpack. When Chappelle screamed, “Don’t do this on stage, take him off,” he was carried stage right, where he was being subdued.

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