Jr Michael’s name is synonymous with versatility, as his work spans a variety of genres

He has conquered the artistic aspects of filmmaking and is now attempting to conquer the entrepreneurial sphere.

There have been numerous examples of people in our community who have excelled in multiple areas of work and, to everyone’s amazement, aced them all. Such extraordinary minds are hard to come by, but there are a select handful whose experiences ought to be relayed to the rest of the world. Today, we’ll talk about one such person who has a firm hold on the creative sphere of filmmaking as a director and screenwriter, and has now branched out into the world of business by launching his own brand, which is based on the word “Go.” Jr Michael is the subject of our discussion, and he is widely regarded as one of the best talents that several sectors have ever seen. His success story has to be told because it contains all of the ingredients that are encouraging and can serve as a fantastic motivator for those who lack self-confidence and lack the confidence to put their abilities to the test.

Being incredibly creative since he can recall prompted him to look into the zone from close quarters, so he enrolled in the New York Institute of Technology and spent hours holding seminars at Scott Power’s Studio to do so. His desire to get there landed him extra roles in films such as Fighting, I Am Legend, Law & Order, and Syriana. Waiting to fulfil his creative thirst, he went ahead and wrote his first film in 2007, launching his career as a script writer and resulting in several of his projects being picked up by seasoned directors. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects, including Power of Six, a TV show that was based on a web series called Touch that he wrote, as well as films like Touch and Vengeance is Mine, which was nominated for best short film of the year in 2008.

He founded The BS Sneakers (, a sneaker company that houses the finest assortment of leather products made by Italian artisans. The brand’s originality in its collection has given it the necessary exposure, allowing it to leap ahead of the competition in no time. Today, Jr Michael appears to be a man who is held in high regard as a result of his excellent job in two worlds, which is highly motivating for many people who aspire to master other zones like him.

Follow him on Instagram at @jr_michael27 to learn more.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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