Zie, a one-of-a-kind music artist, turns heads and how in the vast music world

In his latest EP, L.I.O.N., which is all about his current state of mind, he expresses his life experiences and holds on to listeners’ attention.

There are two sets of people in this world. One is who believes in following the norms set by others and following the crowds blindly, and the other is who believes in setting his own rules and norms for them to act as inspirational paths for others to follow. Though it is easier to think of being a part of the latter category, it is definitely challenging to do that in reality. However, one also cannot deny how a few youngsters, especially in the creative and artistic realms, have worked day in and day out to ensure to create a motivational success story for others to follow and, in the process, become inspirational stories for the world. Serving as one in the world of music is Zie.

Zie may seem like just another guy vying to make his mark in the world of music, but he is definitely much beyond that, which he has proved by the kind of massive growth and success he has gained over time in the music world, especially with his latest EP L.I.O.N. ( With this EP, he offers listeners six songs like Versace Sheets, Pull Up, YEA, I Know, My Way, and Eliminate, each of which in only a few months has connected deeply with his listeners, so much so that many of these songs have already become a part of people’s favourite music list.

L.I.O.N. begins with a tonal yet aggressive approach with the first song, Versace Sheets, which showcases his personality as straightforward yet twisted, but all-in-all gives people a euphonic musical experience. It is a quick sonic journey; listeners point out that will keep people intrigued and hanging on to every line as each song is crafted with meticulous care for the audience.

Zie (@zieokc) has also built his reputation through his music brand EAT (Eliminate All Troubles). The Las Vegas-based music artist has achieved tremendously well so far and aims to continue making magic through music.

Listen to his songs on Spotify,

Sonam Singh
Sonam Singh
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