Garth Garcia: From Talent Show to Stardom

Filipino-American artist and producer, Garth Garcia, has been pushing boundaries in the music industry by incorporating Filipino sounds and artists into his music.

Music has long been an art form that connects people all around the world. It also connects people with their culture and their roots. Living in the United States of America, a melting pot of many cultures, it’s important to connect with countries and cultures around the world. It’s also important to support artists who incorporate and highlight the talent and culture from different countries.

Garth Garcia first fell in love with singing when he was asked to enter a Best Talent competition for school and he won. From then, he never stopped singing, either as a hobby or a profession.

As singing became his passion, Garth decided to pursue a career in the music industry. He joined A Star in a Million, a singing competition in the Philippines, and became a finalist on the show. This exposure gained him many fans and resulted in him signing to a record label as a singer and songwriter.

Garth’s exceptional talent quickly gained him success in the Filipino music scene. He went on to receive acclaim and accolades as he won awards such as the MOR101.9 Pinoy Music Awards 2014 New Artist of the Year.

Since the release of his self-titled first album ‘Garth Garcia’, his fandom has grown significantly. Garth has continued to release music over the years, which has earned him many more awards including: 2016 Outstanding Recording Artist, 2019 PMPC Star Awards for Music, and 2022 Male R&B Artist of the Year.

This year, Garth has released several songs including, Kung Di Ako Mahal (which translates to “If You Don’t Love Me”), A Song For Mama, and Round Round. His most recent project is called Always In My Head. This song is written by Stephan Baulig, and it tells the story of a boy who cannot stop thinking about a girl he met. According to Garth, this song is his favorite because he loves the melody. The song is going to be released later this month, and it is the lead single of Garth Garia’s upcoming album, which is set to be released next year.

As a Filipino-American, Garth makes music in both Tagalog and English. His Pop and R&B music combines both Filipino and American styles to create innovative music that reconnects people to their roots. Although his newer work is mostly with American or Filipino-American artists, Garth always makes sure to include a Filipino flavor to stay true to himself and his culture.

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