How Lucas Cook Built a Million Dollar Company at Sixteen 

At just fourteen years old, Lucas Cook had an entrepreneurial vision for himself. His digital marketing company Co Media, founded from his bedroom in Melbourne, is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed. He started out with no prior experience in sales or marketing, but has managed to generate over one million dollars worth of sales today. This is how he did it.

After a knee injury prevented Cook from pursuing basketball professionally, he launched his own clothing business with screen printed designs on the shirts that sold for $30 each. He was able to make $600 off of just twenty T-shirts. His success continued, resulting in annual sales worth $100K until trademark issues forced the closure of his business. 

Having had success as an entrepreneur so young, Cook was determined to continue on his path. With no prior experience in marketing or sales, he began cold calling local businesses proposing social media campaigns for them. Ultimately, Cook has generated more than one million dollars worth of sales today due to his drive and dedication. His success has led him to founding Co Media and earning the role of CEO at the age of sixteen. 

Cook’s work ethic proves that with perseverance, determination and hard work anything is possible, even if you have no prior experience or knowledge in a particular field. While many may have been discouraged by a failed business, Cook showed resilience. He says, “If you have a business idea, try it. Try something new and exciting. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Don’t be afraid to start a business doing something you’re passionate about and to fail at first. Even if you fail, you’ll still gain significant experience.”

After all of Cook’s hard work and perseverance, he has developed some sound advice for people attempting something similar: believe in your product, follow through on your promises, and prioritize customer retention over sales numbers. What sets Co Media apart from the others is that it bucks conventional wisdom and encourages customers to take risks. Cook says, “Starting something new can be intimidating and scary, but failure will give you experience to draw upon. So why not go for it and see what happens?”  With this mindset, there’s really only two options: fully commit or nothing at all. 

Lucas Cook is an inspiring example of what can be accomplished through ambition and hard work regardless of age or your experience. His story shows us that we all have untapped potential within us waiting to be discovered. You can find Lucas Cook on Instagram, @lucascook. Follow him for more inspiration and business advice.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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