Dr. Nakita Davis Joins the World’s Most Powerful Women in Abu Dhabi for the Forbes 30/50 Summit

Abu Dhabi, March 6, 2024 – Dr. Nakita Davis, esteemed PR Guru and publisher, has been invited to participate in an extraordinary gathering of influential women leaders in Abu Dhabi for International Women’s Day. This prestigious event, organized by Forbes, brings together the world’s most prominent women to celebrate achievements, share experiences, and forge new pathways for global change.

The event will take place in Abu Dhabi, the dynamic capital of the United Arab Emirates, renowned for its cultural richness and innovation. From the majestic surroundings of the UAE’s presidential palace to the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi, participants will convene in venues befitting the significance of the occasion. The culmination will be an unforgettable closing event set amidst the breathtaking beauty of the desert landscape. Esteemed guests also include Meg Ryan, Suze Orman, Sheila Johnson, Shania Twain, and Former Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Central to the gathering is the spirit of mentorship. Dr. Nakita Davis, along with fellow luminaries from diverse backgrounds including policy, business, and NGOs, will share insights, foster collaboration, and inspire collective action. The focus will be on empowering participants with knowledge and skills essential for effective leadership in the modern world, ensuring lasting impact beyond the event itself.

“This isn’t just another gathering; it’s an opportunity to be part of something truly transformative,” says Dr. Nakita Davis. “To truly understand the magnitude of what’s happening, one must be present in the room. It’s about creating meaningful connections, gaining invaluable insights, and charting a course towards a brighter future together with the world’s most brilliant minds.”

Dr. Nakita Davis’s involvement in this groundbreaking event marks yet another milestone in her distinguished career, demonstrating her commitment to driving positive change on a global scale. Dr. Davis is known for creating spaces for Women to Win and champions esteemed organizations that redefine excellence and inspire generations to come.


More On Dr. Nakita Davis

Dr. Nakita Davis: A Trailblazing Force for Women’s Empowerment

Dr. Nakita Davis is more than just a name; she is a force to be reckoned with—a #JesusGirl unapologetically paving the way for women worldwide. As an Award-Winning Powerhouse Speaker, 24x Best-Selling Author/12x International Best-Selling Author, and forthcoming 7 Figure Girlboss, she embodies resilience, determination, and unwavering faith.

Her accolades speak volumes: an Official ForbesBLK member, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, and 2x Presidential Service Award Recipient under President Barack Obama’s term and recently named NYC’s Journal 40 Under 40, Dr. Davis has earned her place among the elite, recognized alongside Trailblazer A-listers such as Queen Latifah, Rev. Al Sharpton, KeKe Palmer, and Nick Cannon as an AT&T Dream in Black Recipient for lifting Black voices and her civic work in the community.

As the Proud CEO & Founder of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC and the Owner of the Women Win Television NETWORK & Digital Magazine, Dr. Davis’s influence knows no bounds. Her platforms serve as catalysts for women to soar to new heights, whether as authors, speakers, or Girlboss entrepreneurs.

The impact of her work reverberates globally. The POP Your Crown, Sis! Podcast, streaming to over 700 Million homes and devices worldwide via platforms like IHeart Radio, Pandora, & Spotify, is just one example of her commitment to amplifying women’s voices.

Dr. Davis’s PR prowess has propelled countless women and men to success, securing invites and features on prestigious platforms such as Forbes, MTV, FOX, BET, The Grammys and ABC to name a few. Her strategic campaigns, including billboard placements at high-profile events like the Grammys and Essence Festival, have elevated her clients’ brands to unprecedented levels of exposure.

Noteworthy collaborations with industry icons like Dorinda Clark Cole, JeKalyn Carr, Chante’ Moore, and Sheila E. underscore Dr. Davis’s reputation as a trusted partner in the entertainment and business spheres.

But above all, Dr. Nakita Davis attributes her success to her unwavering faith. As an Ordained Minister, she acknowledges the divine power within her and the transformative impact of belief. With her loving husband and two beautiful children by her side, she continues to inspire and uplift, spreading light wherever she goes.

In a world hungry for authentic leadership, Dr. Nakita Davis shines brightly as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Her journey is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and unwavering determination in the pursuit of one’s purpose. 

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