New Frontier Presents Takes Metaverse to the Next Level

Statista estimates that 25% of people will interact with the metaversedaily by 2026. Interest in the metaverse has skyrocketed over the last year, so that estimate might not be far off. But the metaverse isn’t just another video game to play. It’s a concept that encompasses entertainment, socializing, and even work.

Metaverses are incredibly versatile as they can be custom-built to suit customers, brands, and companies. This provides businesses with a unique opportunity to design and control the virtual experiences their audience is exposed to. And that’s precisely the thought behind New Frontier Presents.

What exactly is New Frontier Presents?

While the concept of a metaverse isn’t unique, many companies are exploring how they can create their own spin on what a metaverse looks like and what features it offers. New Frontier Presents views itself as a boundary-pushing company that places an emphasis on developing the perfect solution for its partners.

New Frontier Presents offers users and partners a way to capitalize on the metaverse. It’s the first metaverse to incorporate a multi-metaverse casino as a play-to-earn game. Not only that, but the metaverse is powered by its community-driven economy in which members are rewarded for playing, creating, and growing together.

New Frontier Presents also offers a watch-to-earn advertising option. Members can watch brand partners’ ads and earn rewards for their participation. This introduces a unique coupling of businesses and users, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

How can businesses benefit?

Businesses can choose to work with New Frontier Presents in order to showcase their advertisements to members of the metaverse. This provides businesses with an excellent marketing avenue without having to resort to pushy ads.

Additionally, businesses and brands can opt to use the event spaces, eCommerce features, and even build custom assets to establish a presence in the metaverse. This provides a more enjoyable and engaging experience for users as brands can take advantage of all that web 3.0 has to offer.

Meet the team

New Frontier Presents was founded by Ryan Schuler and Jeff Busing. Between the founders and the extensive team of developers, they have combined decades of experience in tech, blockchain, marketing, and gaming. This experience has greatly shaped the project and has lent insight into what users and businesses are looking for in the metaverse.

The New Frontier Presents’ metaverse currently includes features such as:

  • A virtual reality multi-metaverse casino
  • Affiliate marketing-programmed NFT machines
  • Opportunities for brand partnerships
  • NFT galleries
  • And much more

Leaders of the web 3.0 revolution

New Frontier Presents aims to empower its community of businesses and users by leveraging a robust set of features and capabilities. Partners of the project can leverage a wide variety of tools to reach and engage their audience and customers. As more users continue to migrate online, the metaverse is set to be the next frontier of interaction and immersion.

The company has a robust roadmap and aims to continue introducing exciting new features for both its users and partners. The roadmap includes launching its multi-metaverse, adding brand partnerships and games to its ongoing list, and establishing an NFT marketplace. New Frontier Presents strives to continue pushing the boundary of what’s possible by implementing innovative new ideas and providing a next-level experience for its community.

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