From Poultry to Hollywood: The Inspiring Journey of John  Hickman

John  Hickman is not your typical Hollywood actor. He started his career in acting later in life, and he certainly did not have any formal training or experience. But despite the odds, Hickman managed to carve a path for himself in the industry and become a successful actor with an impressive resume.

Hickman’s story began in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he was born on September 30, 1974. Growing up in a small town called Gordo, Hickman dreamed of becoming an actor or an NFL star. However, without acting opportunities in his hometown, he focused on working for his family’s poultry business. Hickman spent 25 years at the company, rising up the ranks and eventually stepping away from the business when his brother became CEO.

It wasn’t until 2011 that Hickman’s acting journey began. He saw a fundraiser for a hospital in LA that offered a walk-on role in the popular HBO show True Blood. Hickman decided to bid on it and won, which led him to have a featured walk-on role in the show. From there, he landed roles in other vampire shows like The Originals and indie films, despite having zero training or experience.

Hickman took every role that was offered to him to gain experience, and after 40 credits, he became a recognizable face in the industry. He even worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Al Pacino, with whom he worked on American Traitor.

However, Hickman’s success came with its challenges. He struggled with a drinking problem, and after working with Pacino, he entered a facility and has been sober for three years. Hickman also battled the learning process of how the industry works and building his resume with challenging roles with more prominent stars. But despite these obstacles, he persevered and continued to chase his dream.

Hickman’s biggest role came in The Vanished, where he played Tom Henry, the main antagonist. The movie was filmed five minutes from his house and had 195 million views on Netflix. Hickman’s most recent project is The Fearway, where his co-star is his real-life partner, Jessica Gray.

Hickman advises those trying to make it in the industry to take classes, even if they think you don’t need them, and always be nice and on time to set. He wants everyone he works with to be able to say, “I like working with that guy.”

For Hickman, success means walking his daughter down the aisle and hearing strangers tell him how his story has positively affected their lives. His book, Lights, Camera, and a Warning, which gives details about how Al Pacino saved his life, is set to be released this spring.

In conclusion, John  Hickman’s story is an inspiring one. Despite not having any experience or training, he followed his dreams later in life and managed to become a successful actor with an impressive resume. He faced challenges along the way but persevered and continued pushing forward. Hickman’s story serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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