Meet Therapist_Bae_: The Licensed Clinician Making Waves in Atlanta

Behind the Handle: Raven Rodriguez’s Journey from Cleveland to Atlanta

In the bustling city of Atlanta, a popular influencer known by the catchy handle @therapist_bae_ is making significant strides in the mental health community. Raven Rodriguez, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), is more than just a social media personality—she is a dedicated clinician with a passion for mental wellness and restoration.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Rodriguez relocated to Atlanta to pursue her calling in mental health. Her specialization in trauma, addiction, and spiritual blockage sets her apart as a compassionate and skilled professional. Rodriguez works tirelessly to provide her clients with a safe space to process their experiences while introducing practical solutions and coping skills.

Bridging Faith and Mental Health

One of Rodriguez’s unique approaches to therapy involves integrating faith-based practices with clinical methods. Recently, she launched a line of biblical affirmation cards, a project close to her heart. “I like giving people a scripture to focus on,” she explains. “A small nugget of encouragement to get through the day. One bible promise that can combat the overly critical, negative self-talk that tries to tear us down.”

These Fearless Affirmation Cards are designed to offer daily inspiration and positivity. Now available on Etsy, they have quickly gained popularity for their ability to provide spiritual and emotional support. Each card features a carefully selected bible verse aimed at uplifting and empowering individuals in their daily lives.

Expanding Her Reach: Social Media and Beyond

Rodriguez’s influence extends beyond her clinical practice. She actively shares her insights and expertise on TikTok and YouTube, where she is known as @therapist_bae_. Her engaging and informative content has resonated with a broad audience, providing mental health tips, coping strategies, and spiritual guidance to thousands of followers.

Through her social media platforms, Rodriguez is breaking down barriers and destigmatizing mental health issues. Her approachable demeanor and expert advice make her a trusted figure in the online mental health community.

Looking Ahead

Raven Rodriguez’s dedication to mental wellness and her innovative approach to therapy have made her a standout figure in Atlanta’s mental health scene. As she continues to expand her practice and reach, her impact on the community is sure to grow.

For more information on Raven Rodriguez and her work, visit her website at To explore her Fearless Affirmation Cards, head over to her Etsy shop, and don’t forget to follow her on TikTok and YouTube as @therapist_bae_ for more inspiring content.

In a world where mental health is more important than ever, influencers like Raven Rodriguez are leading the way in providing accessible, faith-based support and making a real difference in people’s lives.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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