Why There Won’t Be An Outlander New Episode This Sunday

The sixth season will take a week hiatus for Easter.

Fans of Outlander will be disappointed to learn that there will be no new episode this week, on Sunday, April 17th.

For Easter, the season is taking a week vacation. The seventh episode, titled “Sticks and Stones,” will premiere on April 24th.

But, based on what transpired in episode six last Sunday, it appears that we’ll all need a week off to unwind. Do you need to brush up on your knowledge? The following is a non-spoiler summary of the episode:

Claire becomes fatally ill as a result of a dysentery epidemic that has swept across the Ridge. When the Christies arrive and drop a bombshell on the Frasers, she is almost recovered. On the Ridge, as sinister rumours spread like wildfire, disaster strikes.

As the season approaches the Revolutionary War, it’s safe to say things aren’t looking good for the Frasers.

It’s also definitely not a bad idea to take your time with each new episode, given Season 6 of Outlander is only eight episodes long. However, Starz has already renewed the programme for a seventh season, which will be a bumper-length 16 episodes to make up for the sixth season’s shorter-than-usual run. (Due to difficulties filming during COVID, the season was cut short.) On Sunday, May 1st, the season six finale, “I Am Not Alone,” will premiere.

Sonam Singh
Sonam Singh
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