Roxy Aguirre’s Next Adventure

Roxy Aguirre is here to show women that they can have it all: the family life, the career success, the time to travel, and the sex appeal. While she originally found fame as a model on Instagram, she always knew that there was more for her to conquer. Blessed with blinding ambition and the free spirit to pursue her wildest dreams, Roxy is ready to begin the next chapter of her life.

“I’ve been through a lot,” starts Roxy. “And I know that I am a strong woman. I’m independent, but I believe in partnerships… I believe that we live in a society and I believe we need other people in our lives. I always maintain who I am as an individual, but I love working in teams and building relationships with other people.”

Making a recent recovery after years of bedridden illness caused by Lyme disease, Roxy is now ready to take on the projects that she’s had to put on hold for so long. After the disease took hold of every aspect of her life, Roxy knew it was time to reclaim her relationship with her own beauty, body, and confidence.

As she looks and feels the best she has in ages, she also hopes to inspire other women to bounce back from their hardships with the same confidence and self love that she has. With her soon-to-be-released brand, LoveRoxy, she does just that. For now, Roxy is focusing on pieces that can be worn while celebrating the nightlife.

“My brand is going to be classy, sexy, clean, charismatic, and elegant,” continues Roxy. “The designs will be tasteful, and they’ll represent what I believe: helping women feel confident and sexy. I hope it helps inspire women to be confident in who they are and to be fearless in taking part in different roles, not being tied down by one label of being only a worker or only a mother. This brand will inspire women to be happy and work on their own goals and be strong, smart, and independent, but vulnerable at the same time.”

When Roxy isn’t working, she is passionate about traveling. She has lived in many places around the world, including Hawaii, Los Angeles, Argentina, and Europe, and she has said that Hawaii is the first place that ever felt like home to her. She found it easy to fall in love with Hawaii’s incredible surf beaches, lush green jungles, and caves full of adventure. Now, she lives in LA and she’s loving the perfect weather, the booming fashion district, and the accessibility of the mainland.

As a devoted mother, Roxy also loves to spend time with her family, taking them with her on adventures. Most recently, the family went on an incredible trip to Alaska to explore the glaciers and see the wildlife. Alaska and Hawaii have a special place in Roxy’s heart, as she finds them to

be the best places to detach from the superficial world and get in touch with nature. She loves the adventure that they bring as they force her out of her comfort zone.

With a wild heart and a natural craving for adventure, Roxy is so excited to take on the new challenge of building her own brand. With LoveRoxy soon to launch, there are many, many more exciting things on the horizon for her!

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper hails from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, and serves as an integral part of LA Featured Magazine's dedicated staff. As a committed team member, Mason's contribution has had a significant impact on the magazine's growth and popularity over the years.


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