Rick Mirza Goes From Making Pizzas in Middle School to Future Restaurant Franchise Owner

Since as early as middle school, Rick Mirza has worked in the restaurant industry. A serial entrepreneur, Mirza has a hobby of collecting and growing businesses. With a background in real estate, energy, and ecommerce industries, Rick has an impressive portfolio. The current CEO and founder of Daulat, one of the fastest growing global equity firms, Mirza is ready to get back in touch with his childhood and open a fast dining franchise. 

Rick’s very first job was at a pizza parlor in Baltimore, Maryland. Working as a cook three to four nights a week, young Mirza developed a taste for the restaurant industry early on in life. He is now finishing up with the final stages necessary to enter into a memorandum of understanding to acquire existing quick service restaurants. This agreement is to develop twelve or more restaurants in the next thirty-six to forty-eight months for his franchise. Mirza says, “We hope to acquire all twelve locations by March or April.”

With plans to build a drive through, Mirza is going in and completely remodeling all the restaurant locations he has purchased. “We are going into already existing locations, revamping them, staffing, and going all out with new management positions,” Rick says. Partnering with Patel Food Management, this isn’t going to be your average fast dining experience. 

As the CEO of multiple startups, Rick Mirza doesn’t stop. On a growth trajectory that would be difficult to rival, Mirza stays motivated by a desire to never stop learning. “I wanted more from my life; I was and am always interested in learning,” he says. Keep up to date with Rick’s latest business venture by following him on Instagram, @itsmogul.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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