Anouk (Brumfield) Mclntyre: The Light Behind Transformational Change

In personal and professional growth journeys, a mentor or coach can play a crucial role in unlocking potential and overcoming obstacles. Anouk (Brumfield) Mclntyre, a Shreveport, Louisiana native, embodies this notion with her unique blend of leadership, mentorship, and transformative coaching.

As a seasoned professional in coaching and mentorship, she has dedicated her life to assisting people to overcome obstacles and reach new success heights. Growing up under the wing of her grandma, she credits her grandma for instilling confidence and ambition in her at a young age. 

Due to this, she made her life’s mission to help individuals and organizations achieve excellence. With a diverse background in accounting, , operations, transformation, sales, and delivery across various industries, even blockchain (as a VP/Senior Partner at IBM), she brings a wealth of experience to the table. 

She is a talented woman, and her diverse background allowed her to gain valuable insights and experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today. She is a natural leader with a gift for uniting people to work towards a common goal. Her enthusiasm and drive are contagious, and she inspires others to reach their full potential. 

Her mission is to assist individuals and organizations in reaching their full potential, and she is committed to bringing positive change in the world. Anouk brings a wealth of experience and a drive for excellence to every project she takes on, whether working on projects with multinational corporations, nonprofits, giving back to her community, etc.

Anouk’s coaching style blends emotional intelligence, organizational dynamics, and collaborative leadership to create a supportive environment for personal growth. By utilizing evidence-based training methods, she empowers individuals to understand the science behind her philosophy and practices, leading to self-awareness and a more productive life.

Anouk has helped hundreds of individuals to identify their strengths, build resilience, and find clarity in their purpose and direction. She’s also an expert in team building, helping teams of all sizes develop effective communication, foster trust and achieve their goals.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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