Serial Entrepreneur Elvis Justice Bedi Creates International Trading Academy

Medical student Elvis Justice Bedi doubles as a young entrepreneur and is the founder of a global online trading company, Serendipity Trade Academy. Recognizing a demand for information on how to make money through cryptocurrencies, forex trading, and stocks, Bedi decided he needed to find a way to make this knowledge available to anyone who seeked it. Taking an intimidating concept and hiring a strong community of mentors, Elvis Justice has transformed the potential success for any international investor and trader. Today, Bedi operates the number one leading digital trading academy online, Serendipity Trade Academy.

Serendipity Trade Academy offers six e-courses and has served over 800 students. Offering training programs for those who want to learn strategies on how to better manage risk, Serendipity Trade Academy builds knowledge and creates confidence in their students. Trading in international markets can be intimidating, and without the proper education or leadership, could lead to potential losses and failures. Bedi wants to help people overcome this fear and give his students the tools necessary to become successful. By implementing a simple methodology, Serendipity Trade Academy offers only the important sides of what you need to know, never wasting your time.

Financial freedom is a goal worth attaining for Justice, and believes everyone should have the opportunity to achieve just that. Inspired by a personal need for self development and a desire to help others, Elvis Justice became known as “Mr. Serendipity.” Bedi says, “I believe success massively speaks for itself. There was a huge demand from the public on how I trade on the international market. There was a lot to share. Establishing the academy was one way of satisfying the masses and perfecting myself.” Dominating the international market, Justice is proving the value behind cryptocurrency and is helping others understand how to as well. 

A young man from Ghana, Elvis Justice is focused on being able to provide opportunities for his community as well. His next projects include putting up a school complex (from nursery to junior high) and build a primary health care center in Ghana. “Everyone’s watching and there’s just more to do always, ” Bedi says. Always working to better himself and others, keep up to date with Elvis and his future plans by following his Instagram.  

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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