Connection Through Movement with Fleco Dance Company by Matilda Fleberg

The world-renowned choreographer Matilda Fleberg is in the spotlight this week for launching a heartfelt campaign for her new dance collective called Fleco Dance Company (FDC) based in Sweden.

Fleco Project 001 is a tribute to the healing power of movement and the connection it creates. The film portrays the collective mind that arises when being part of a unity moving in harmonic synchronicity. The film was released earlier this week by the Swedish choreographer Matilda Fleberg in partnership with Adam Falk and VIRTUE Clan and is the first official project published on behalf of her newly launched dance company Fleco. Fleco Dance Company was created with a global approach that puts emphasis on collaborative work that merges dance with other art-forms such as film, photography, music and set-design. According to our sources, Matilda is currently working on Fleco’s first full length show which will be an audio visual-experience premiering in Stockholm in spring 2023.

Matildas work is characterised by her ability to bring individuals together into symbiosis through hypnotic symmetry, rich layers of detail and dynamic musicality. Her work has been seen in campaigns for Dior & Fashion Week, in TV-shows such as The Voice Persia and Eurovision and in music videos, tours and performances for various artists such as Zara Larsson and Léon.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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