CEO Leila Tolentino Cristobal Staying on Top

Leila Tolentino-Cristobal has learned how hard work, patience, and faith have become her keys to success. Leila is a grounded woman who has always carried her family name with honor and pride. She describes that we need to remind ourselves to take a look back: “when we become successful, we need to share even in our small ways.” Leila is currently collaborating with Elite Beauty Bar, which carries all services and caters to noninvasive medical spas, giving each customer a safe beauty glam experience.

It took hard work, blood, sweat, and tears for Leila to get where she is now. Leila describes that life is a continuous learning experience as she values resilience and the ability to get back up no matter how many times she falls. Leila’s passion for beauty has a history from several beauty salons and spas owned with then-partner James Cooper. Before working in beauty, Leila worked professionally as a Certified Public Accountant, which gave her a sense of the business aspect of handling numbers and administrative work. Having her own beauty bar and a cosmetic line came with a surprising challenge for her: starting from scratch on cosmetic knowledge.

To learn more about the cosmetic industry, Leila went to Paris and educated herself about all skin tones and ethnicities to provide accurate formulations for each of them. This opportunity also allowed her to collaborate with the best manufacturing companies to satisfy the client’s needs. Everything in the company is a Team Effort: “everyone is entitled to do the best at their job… [and]there is always light ahead of us at the end of the tunnel.”

As for Leila’s future, she is currently collaborating with Elite Beauty Bar to become an exclusive retailer of the brand, soon launching in May 2023. Leila can be described as a very straightforward, generous, heartfelt, hardworking woman every day working towards her goals and setting good examples for her family and kids.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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