Newest Hip-Hop Single: She a Freak by King Zuma

A budding hip-hop artist is out to upset the system from a city more famously known for jazz and punk rock. Coming from Indianapolis, King Zuma is following his previous success in his two albums: Zuma and Underrated, with the release of his latest single: She A Freak. King Zuma dropped the song on 17 October. The song will have you hyped and dancing in the club, despite whatever mood you may be in.

King Zuma’s style is explicit; he does not mince his words. This is an aspect of the hip-hop industry that has come under heavy criticism on the basis of promoting vices in society.

King Zuma balances a lot on his plate: he is currently studying film, another qualification on top of a marketing degree, he is the CEO of a photography and videography firm, and he is an artist. According to him, this is one of the reasons he attributes to his music having not taken off yet. However, he believes that when all the pieces fall into place, there will be no stopping his career.

The album art to She A Freak tells the story of the whole song in a small square. It is steamy and makes you think of a magazine cover that a father would try to hide from his teenage son. It is set on a beach, with clear blue skies hovering above the sands. The ladies are playing volleyball, showing off their summer bodies, and according to King Zuma, will be getting freaky by evening.

King Zuma’s vocals in She a Freak are everything you would want to hear from a steamy song. His voice is rough and aggressive, bringing out something primal in anyone dancing to it. He also growls a bit, especially before he belts out the catchy “Aaah, Aaah!”

When the song ends, there are thirty seconds of pure instrumentals. It gives off the same feeling as an instrument solo: the instruments and sound effects come together to culminate in a final moment of energy.

King Zuma also did not grow up with everything handed to him. One of King Zuma’s song lines goes, “This shit hit different when you came straight from nothing.” Despite this, he remains ambitious, consistent, and focused, traits he borrows from advice OG KP gave him.

One of the ambitions King Zuma hopes to achieve in his music career is to perform at Rolling Loud in 2023. Performing at a festival that has become a sort of hall of fame for hip-hop will be a stamp of approval that he is on the right track. Hopefully, the danceable vibes of She A Freak will propel him to the Los Angeles stage, where the Rolling Loud festival will be in 2023.

Before then, however, She A Freak is available for streaming on King Zuma’s Spotify channel and all other streaming platforms. Fans can also duet King Zuma’s content about She A Freak and
create dance videos on TikTok, a platform where he looks forward to interacting more with his listeners.

You Can Follow him on Instagram : @iamkingzuma

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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