Review: ‘Moon Knight’ Has A Mind-Blowingly Strong Start

Marvel and Disney+ have continued to amuse and astonish viewers with their series, and the upcoming Moon Knight programme, which will premiere on Wednesday, March 30th, is no exception. Last week, I and fellow Cosmic Circus authors Brian Kitson and Anthony Flagg were given a sneak peek at the first four episodes (linked at the end). To put it mildly, we’ve all been very impressed with what we’ve seen thus far from the Oscar Isaac-led Marvel series.

Moon Knight made a strong start with one of the best first episodes of any Marvel series. We are thrust into the world of Steven Grant, a fragile gift shop salesperson, and the mystery surrounding his memory, mental health, and waking nightmares. This only gets worse as Steven feels he’s being chased by a horrific-looking creature, all while getting in the way of Arthur Harrow’s charismatic but equally terrifying ambitions.

Ethan Hawke’s portrayal of Arthur Harrow is both serene and terrifying. He is charming and charismatic, and he has a charisma that draws you in. This figure raises some intriguing concerns about how to best deal with the evil in the world. As the novel progresses, I expect there will be more discussion regarding the idea of allowing individuals to choose their own behaviour rather than making decisions for them. This part reminds me of some of the similar topics covered in the Eternals.

Oscar Isaac had a multi-part role in this series that was extremely difficult for him to pull off, and he did so admirably. Steven Grant and Marc Spector are the two main characters we see from him in the first four episodes, and they couldn’t be more different.

Regardless of what Khonshu says, Steven Grant has become a new favourite Marvel character of mine. Many viewers, I believe, will find him quite endearing and will grasp onto him fast. I was particularly delighted with how, as the episodes went, I could clearly see a solid character arc building for him, one that felt distinct from Marc. I’d like to see more of this character in the future. Some viewers may be startled by how little of Marc vs. Steven appears in the first two episodes, but this is all part of a well-thought-out build-up for the tale and Marc’s and The Moon Knight’s introductions, so don’t worry Marc Spector fans. Patience is required. He’s on his way.

The action sequences and fights were of the high calibre that we’ve come to anticipate from Marvel. In some combat situations, depending on who was fighting, there was a great blend of physicality and humour. This is something Oscar Isaac should be commended for, as well as his outstanding portrayal as a third personality, which occurs at a surprise moment that I will not ruin. It is, however, epic. You’ll recognise it as soon as you hear it.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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