Mavimatt : Turning people’s dreams into mesmerizing luxury handmade Italian furniture

The one-of-a-kind luxury Italian handmade furniture brand has now dived deep into the crypto world, introducing the UFO Bitcoin.

It is incredible to know and learn about all those brands and businesses that make sure to do the “different” and offer unconventional products and services to stand tall and unique from the rest in their respective fields. Many of such brands across fields have been on the rise worldwide and have made sure to enthral their target demographic and others with the kind of superior experiences they give to their customers and clients. In the modern furniture world, we couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible brand named Mavimatt, which has risen to the top as a one-of-a-kind Italian luxury handmade furniture brand.

Mavimatt was founded in 2013 in Falzè di Piave, Treviso district, with the aim to offer people brilliance in the design sector in the form of unique objects made with artisanal processes. It is a dynamic brand conceived by industry veterans, each holding 20 long years of experience, working with leading Italian groups in the industry. One of its “winning” art pieces is the UFO armchair which was its first product to gain presence and recognition globally. Speaking more about it, Mattia Travaini, the managing director of Mavimatt, highlights that the UFO armchair was conceived out of casual observation of a simple object that had been sitting on his desk, an ashtray. He took this as his inspiration and spellbound people by creating the armchair with a unique design like the rounded shape of the ashtray, which became the armchair’s shell.

Mavimatt is known for its white-glove approach in catering to every need and demand of its clients, accommodating even their wildest requests, and taking designing to the next level of brilliance. Their craftsmanship and handmade processes in making bespoke goods have led them to the forefront of the industry. After the massive success of the UFO armchair, Mavimatt has created a mesmerizing collection of consoles, tables, and coffee tables. They are committed to designing non-stop, and developing new models to obtain excellent products, says Mattia Travaini.

Being a modern-day luxury furniture and a futuristic brand, it has now dived deep into the crypto space as well, creating a contemporary object, the UFO Bitcoin. It is a limited-edition armchair born from several crypto enthusiasts’ requests and aims to create an exclusive object. The Bitcoin logo is hand-applied by an Italian artist, giving it a 3-dimensional effect. The armchair is painted through a galvanic process, available in rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and chrome colours.

Mavimatt has been taking all the right steps in the tech world and futuristic trends, taking the design sector a notch higher. To know more, visit its website,, or follow it on Instagram @mavimatt.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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