Lorrie Ann Limjoco Has Found the Fountain of Youth

Limjoco discusses the innovative wellness and anti-aging products available at Maximus Global Innovations.

With all of the wellness and anti-aging products on the market it can be challenging to sift through them to find the very best. Thankfully, Maximus Global Innovations (MGI) is there to provide top-of-the-line treatments to be the best version of yourself. Lorrie Ann Limjoco, a business partner at Maximus Global Innovations, is excited to discuss her journey of how she got involved in the wellness industry and MGI.
Lorrie first came across the powerful benefits of black garlic when she introduced it to her husband to help his cholesterol and hypertension concerns. The remarkable positive transformation in both their healths became exciting, and it fueled her interest in the business and potential new products.

Determined to pursue her vision of promoting black garlic and other natural products, Lorrie embarked on a journey to Washington to meet the company’s president. During this visit, she inspected their office and storage facilities and gained insights into the compensation plan and business model. Her products now range from green coffee, black garlic single clove, black garlic extract, and essential oils. She is also proud to announce her new product Ailthea, a black garlic oolong tea that is available in the market now.

Maximus Global Innovations (MGI) proudly offers a diverse product line, featuring the staple Sanitas Black Garlic, various essential oils, Gracili Oil, and Medela Black Garlic Extract. You can also shop their Global Kit Package D, which includes 7 Medela, 7 Sanitas, 3 Ailthea, 15Gracili Alvo, and 4 Natura Primera.

Lorrie’s strong commitment to her business entails managing her daily responsibilities while caring for her 7-year-old daughter. This includes handling client meetings, social media management, and conducting Zoom calls. She maintains open communication with her business partners, offers assistance whenever needed, and actively promotes her enterprise on social media. Lorrie’s dedication extends to her presence in upcoming visits to the main office in Seattle, Washington and she plans on going to more states to look for distributors and share the benefits.

Lorrie wants to spread her knowledge and emphasize the importance of networking. She personally prefers attending events such as pageants and any gatherings that she believes will benefit her business. Her approach is to seek out genuine connections by first getting to know people on a personal level and then get into the business discussions. She says to initiate conversations by introducing yourself and naturally exploring common interests and hobbies, eventually incorporating your business into the conversation. This method not only grows business connections but also builds genuine friendships, enhancing the business’s rapport. Lorrie also recommends leveraging social media and joining relevant Facebook groups to connect with like-minded individuals in a professional context, further strengthening your network.

For those who feel shy about networking, consider enjoying a cup of MGI’s green coffee with antioxidants. Not only will it boost your energy, but it can also help reduce blood pressure. The coffee’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, derived from malabar fruit, green tea extract, and other vitamins contribute to improved blood pressure regulation, lowered blood sugar, and benefits for those with high cholesterol.

The innovative black garlic extract and green coffee from Maximus Global Innovations offer a number of advantages, and Lorrie and her team are generous enough to offer their product kits to help you immerse yourself in the world of MGI. By following some of Lorrie’s networking tips and pursuing your dreams, you too can achieve success akin to her inspiring journey.

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