In 2022, the following are the top ten business professionals to keep an eye on

Entrepreneurs who are successful have the determination, dedication, and drive to succeed. Great businesspeople have a little more. They see an opportunity to not only win, but also to change the game in order to make the world a better place for all. They are motivating.

This list features ten outstanding business leaders. Each exhibits a commitment to lead, serve, or share in a way that is transforming culture and calling on colleagues to consider how to extend the impact of their work. They represent a wide range of industries.

Monty Lopez and Ben Ganz

Monty Lopez, a celebrity influencer, and Ben Ganz, a VEGO Picture executive, are starting BAM Social, an A-list TikTok agency. BAM Social was founded by Ben and Monty to assist brands with TikTok video creation, influencer outreach, 360° social strategy, and strategic alliances. BAM Social and award-winning VEGO Pictures will join to form a content powerhouse. BAM Social is a one-stop, turnkey TikTok agency, thanks to Ganz’s extensive experience in network television and digital innovation, as well as Lopez’s broad brand creation strategy.

Ben Ganz was a key member of the team that developed the digital strategy for American Idol and FOX’s unscripted series at the same time as modern social media was gaining traction. FOX’s second-screen strategy for the next decade will be shaped by Ganz’s approach. Ganz founded VEGO Pictures after American Idol ended. The new company was in charge of the social media for the relaunch of American Idol, which received a whopping 2 billion impressions. Ben is also the creator of Hollywood 2.0 – The Vego Show, which is one of Apple’s Top 20 business podcasts. In addition, VEGO Pictures worked as Kevin Hart’s LOL Network’s in-house production team.

Monty Lopez is to The Rae Family on TikTok as Kris Jenner is to The Kardashians on Instagram. Monty has a proven track record of supporting Addison Rae and The Rae Family brands with business strategy and team building. He’s a pro at catapulting talent to global success and assembling teams that can work across various platforms. Lopez also managed his daughter’s sudden rise to prominence while growing his personal TikTok account to 5.5 million followers. In the Snapchat Original series Addison Rae Goes Home, look for Monty Lopez and his family.

Brian D Evans

Brian D. Evans is an Inc. 500 entrepreneur who has founded, advised, and consulted for a number of companies in a variety of industries and verticals, including eCommerce, tech and SaaS platforms, digital publishing, NFTs, blockchain, AI, marketing & advertising, video game & mobile app marketing, and more. Brian was a former actor who went into business for himself. He began his career in the film industry in Boston in 2004 and worked in Los Angeles until 2011. He started the well-known and grew it into one of the world’s fastest-growing advertising and marketing businesses. He’s a successful serial entrepreneur with millions of followers on social media for both his company and his personal brand. Brain is also quite engaged in the bitcoin and blockchain field. Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mashable, Inc. Magazine, and many other publications have featured him. He also contributes to many of the world’s leading business and entrepreneur websites as a columnist.

Joshua McQuaig and Michael Rivero

TopShotPro’s founders, Michael Rivero and Joshua McQuaig, are enthusiastic marketers headquartered in Northern Virginia. Michael and Joshua, together with their team, have a combined 10+ years of digital marketing, branding, and advertising experience, and they help real estate professionals create their personal brands through content ideation, creation, and distribution across all social networks and search engines. The Metaverse and Blockchain technology are the industry’s next phase, and they’re on a quest to revolutionise real estate. Michael and Joshua are prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities that this new chapter of technological growth will bring.

Gabriele Levya “Orangie”

Gabriele Levya grew up in Miami and was born in Italy. He’s a young entrepreneur and social media influencer. His love of video games prompted him to play professionally for a variety of esports organisations and compete in a number of invite-only tournaments. After publishing his clips online, he amassed a social media following of over 700,000 people and received over 30 million views. Rather than squandering his money on frivolous stuff, he re-invested it in NFTs and other crypto assets, and as a result, he was able to truly take off in the NFT field. He rapidly became enamoured with NFTs, even enlisting the help of A-list celebs like Bradley Martyn on a project. He has spent over $1,000,000 on NFTs since the acquisition began with a $6,000 investment. As more and more brands enter the metaverse, the future looks exceedingly bright for this 18-year-old.

Scott D. Clary

A sales and marketing executive by profession. Scott D. Clary rewrites the sales, marketing, brand, and go-to-market strategy playbook. Scott has worked with executives and entrepreneurs to 10x their businesses in a variety of settings, from startups to enterprise. Scott is now co-founder and CEO of OnMi Patch, a health technology and wellness brand disrupting the supplement space with transdermal vitamin patches, after several career successes (including being in revenue leadership positions through multiple exits) and working with a variety of startups as both C-Suite and fractional C-Suite. He is currently the host of the Success Story podcast (part of the Hubspot & Blue Wire Podcast network), in which he interviews inspirational people, mentors, and leaders, as well as the author of a weekly business newsletter that reaches over 40,000 people.

Ally Russell

Ally Russell is a Florida native and a real estate professional. Ally obtained her real estate licence while attending the University of South Florida, and she hasn’t looked back since rapidly becoming one of Tampa’s top achievers. Ally has always been an industry leader, staying on top of the latest trends for her clients and sharing her unique, off-the-beaten-path abilities and expertise to help others on her team succeed.

Ally is a Co-Owner of KVA Group, which has swiftly become Tampa Bay’s top-producing real estate company, continually creating innovative ways to acquire and sell homes. Along with her business partner Kamilla Altunyan, Ally has effectively built a team of 13 strong agents. Mostly concentrating on new residential constructions and obtaining off-market properties for its clientele. Ally continues to endeavour to keep her Mind, Body, and Spirit while expanding to the Miami market area, focusing on high end off market waterfront houses and taking on new development projects.

Leonard Person Jr.’s CEO is Leonard Person Jr. Leonard has specialised as a Whale Expert Real Estate Investor/Coach for the past 18 years, investing in residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. Leonard Person Jr. became involved in the sector and began learning everything he could to perform in the market after being motivated to get into real estate by a friend who was collecting cheques for $20,000 every home.

He was soon flipping properties for six figures and had a first year gross of over $1.2 million. Rather than keeping his expertise to himself, he self-published “Hood Estate The Manual,” a real estate book. This book was written with the intention of teaching the urban people how to leverage credit to flip properties and earn wealth. Leonard has aided hundreds, if not thousands, of people in becoming millionaires or giving them the opportunity to succeed in the real estate investing business, and he continues to do so by assisting people in receiving funding without having to show proof of income, making it simple for the average person to get started as a real estate investor.

Salman Altaf

Salman Altaf is a Pakistani businessman who lives in Multan. The talented young entrepreneur has created and scaled a thriving e-commerce and digital marketing business. He has effectively scaled his company Blue Cascade from three employees to about 350 workers in just four years, acquiring many businesses along the way. Salman is well-known in his field for his adaptability and ability to rapidly develop organisations. Salman believes that the e-commerce sector’s GDP will continue to expand over time, and that incubating businesses would reap significant benefits in the long run.

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