Simonetta Lein Has The World On A String

Super model Simonetta Lein has the world at her feet. Named one of the Top 5 fashion influencers in the world, the entrepreneur and television host shows that hard work and a perseverance pay off. 

Born in Italy, Lein grew up wanting to be an actress and model. Although she enjoyed success in her native country, her rise to fame quickly took off after she relocated to the U.S. Determined to be a symbol of empowerment, the philanthropist started her own branding business, which thanks to its quick success enabled her to created “The Wishwall Foundation.” The charity aims to fulfill the dreams of those in need, for example, in Africa she supplied a village with sewing machines to allow people to become financially self-sufficient. She discovered her greatest joy seeing the children of a small village in the Philippines taste ice cream for the very first time.

Lein doesn’t allow her own dreams to get in the way of her actions. She knows that courage can’t move mountains but would rather find a way to climb them. While the world shifts around us and we shape ourselves to fit, imperfect and beautiful, wounded and thriving, delicate and vulnerable, but forever moving on. Lein does exactly that. Her great success as a businesswoman and model allowed her the means to begin her own television show called “The Simonetta Lein Show” on SLTV where she interviews some of the most illuminating figures in the public eye. Her first couple of seasons brought her enormous success and a loyal fan base. She has interviewed celebrities including Bob Saget, CeeLo Green, Eric Roberts, Don McLean, Tom Arnold, Leon, Tech N9ne and Jerry Springer along with a vast array of others. Lein has deep conversations with her guests about things that really matter.

As a model she has been featured on the covers of the most popular and important fashion magazines and her experience is both extensive and excusive. She has walked for star designer Stevie Boi during New York Fashion Week, as well as for Richie Rich at Madison Square Garden. She has been a VIP guest at many red carpet events including The SohoJohnny Benefit for Cancer, a Christmas soirée joined by Leon and the Peoples, Michael Musto, and Kim Sledge from Sister Sledge. 

Lein also had a guest spot appearance on the renown talk show “Profiles with Mickey Burns” where she joined the roster of the likes of Joan Collins, Joan Rivers, Smokey Robinson, Christopher Plummer, Davy Jones, Meatloaf, Tony Orlando, Randy Edelman, Fred Schneider, Randy Jones, Mike Tyson, Dick Cavett, and a limitless number of others. She has also appeared on the Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell which has just hit a billion streams, and has had guests including: Dionne Warwick, Stephen Lang, Adrienne Barbeau, Malcolm McDowell, John Barrowman, Jack McGee, Matthew Modine and many others. 

Like a seductive alchemist, she transforms people’s personal anguish into a narrative of truth. She empowers people, especially women, to believe in the power of hope, which can show somebody how to move from darkness into light. She knows it’s about going beyond the norm. She recognizes her own divinity and understands that something inside herself calls out. She never jumps to conclusions but instead reaches towards them. 

Her energy is positive and endless like a supernova that can emit the same energy in a single instance that our sun will take over in over 1 million years to generate. Her longevity goes on as she knows how to reinvent herself and her future. Simonetta Lein has worked endlessly to achieve her goals. As a top Influencer she’s constantly sharing the means and the knowledge by which she achieved her incredible success.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper hails from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, and serves as an integral part of LA Featured Magazine's dedicated staff. As a committed team member, Mason's contribution has had a significant impact on the magazine's growth and popularity over the years.


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