Will Ariel Lavi compete himself? 3 of his films from 3 countries will be screened at film festival of the Hollywood studios – Pinewood Studios in London

In the second time, Ariel Lavi will participate in Lift Off Filmmaker Film Festival of the Hollywood Studios – Pinewood Studios that produced James Bond films. Before, the film he produced in Mexico “ Metanoia” was screened at the festival and won in the number of audience votes and qualified to the finals out of 212 films all over the world. He even got a like on his final qualification story on Instagram from the wife of Hollywood director Martin Campbell- Casino Royale,James Bond-  the Hollywood actress Sol Romero and now 3 of his films from 3 different countries were accepted to the festival- the Sci Fi film he produced in Mexico “Metanoia”, the comedy film he wrote and produced in Canada “This Won’t End Well”, and the drama film he wrote and produced in Nigeria “ Dangerous Silence “ .  

Ariel Lavi in the American Magazine “Honk” in 10 promising young Filmmakers/Screenwriters/ Producers in the world 2022

Undoubtedly this man is a phenomenon that must be noticed. How many times have you met at festivals all over the world a filmmaker, Screenwriter, Producer or Actor who competes at the same festival with several films that are each from a different country? You probably have not met one like that, well, except for Ariel Lavi. Ariel Lavi is the man with whom dreams come true, he has worked with famous actors all over the world and his films are screened  at festivals all over the world. This is not the first time that several of his films from several countries are screened at the same festival, it happens to him in  Kino Film Festival in Ottawa with the films in Mexico and Canada, it will happen at Toronto International Nollywood film festival with his films from Mexico and Nigeria and it seems to happen more and more. For those who still do not understand the magnitude of the success- to compete in the same festival with 3 films each from a different country with a different team, a different mentality, a different culture and a different story, and all in a short time. He wrote and produced these films from November to March. 5 months 3 different films  from 3 different countries in different genres. Is this a record-breaking that has not been in the film industry for many years? Probably yes . Metanoia, in addition, was distributed to Streaming Platforms in China- iQiyi- Netflix Of China, Tencent Video, Youko Video, and Bilbili. It was Screened at Cinepolis hall in Mexico City, Hilltop Film Festival Of Diversity and Inclusion in Alabama,McMinnville Sci Fi Film Festival 

So what’s next? We believe that this time he will win and even if not the great success he has already made.

You can follow him on Instagram : @ariellavi_15

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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