Amanda Lavery: Redefining Beauty with Organic Innovation

How an Emerging Model and Entrepreneur is Shaping the Future of Cosmetics

In an era where the demand for organic products has surged, Amanda Lavery stands out as a trailblazer in the cosmetic industry. Her approach to beauty is refreshingly holistic, emphasizing the importance of using products that are as nourishing and natural as the food we consume. This philosophy has not only carved a niche for Lavery in the competitive world of cosmetics but has also resonated with a growing consumer base that prioritizes health and sustainability.

Amanda Lavery, an emerging model and entrepreneur, is quickly becoming a notable figure in the beauty sector with her innovative approach to skincare. In 2014, she founded CoCaBee, a luxury cosmetics brand designed to cater to women of all skin tones. What sets CoCaBee apart is its commitment to 100% organic ingredients, ensuring that every product is free from toxins, vegan, and cruelty-free. This dedication to clean beauty has earned the company accolades, including the prestigious Best Lip Care 2022 award in Canada by the Clean Beauty Award.

But Lavery’s influence extends beyond her entrepreneurial ventures. With her own journey as a backdrop—starting her modeling career at just sixteen and later becoming a significant influence in high-fashion circles—she uses her platform to champion causes like body positivity and self-love. Her message is powerful and clear: beauty is a form of self-respect, and everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Her early life in London, Ontario, and her experiences living in Paris and Greece have enriched Lavery’s understanding of global beauty standards and the universal quest for natural, health-forward products. This unique perspective is evident in how she manages CoCaBee and interacts with the broader beauty community.

Despite her success, Amanda remains focused on evolution and innovation. She continues to push the boundaries of the cosmetic industry, ensuring that her products not only enhance beauty but also nurture the skin. Her vision for the future of cosmetics is vibrant and inclusive, promising a line of organic skincare products that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

Amanda Lavery is more than just a model or a business owner; she is a visionary reshaping the cosmetic industry one organic product at a time. She inspires young women worldwide to embrace their unique beauty and advocate for a more inclusive and health-conscious beauty culture. Through her work, Lavery is not just selling beauty products; she is fostering a movement that celebrates and nurtures natural beauty in all its forms.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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