King Me: Demetrius Crawford Talks Grind, Work Ethic, Leaving A Legacy 

Demetrius Crawford has undoubtedly done it all. The former CFL player turned trial into triumph by doing something that always came natural to him. The 2009 NFL draft which would have made Crawford’s dream to a reality, turned into a nightmare he tried hard to wake up from. Crawford went undrafted and not knowing what was to come or what to do next, he was stuck between a rock in a hard place. Crawford was a player that slipped through the cracks and was a worthy pick in the 2009 draft after putting up career numbers at Montana State University. Not knowing what’s next to come Crawford dug deep into himself and coped with the then disappointment and began to record himself working out to get a shot at his dream. 

ENTER King Crawford.

The Bay Area Native who grew up in Fairfield, California never missed a beat in life. Growing up with both supportive parents his accomplishments were endless. He learned hard work and dedication from them instilling “if you work hard, you’ll get whatever you want.” Crawford earned the name “King Crawford” from his high school peers from being the top football player in the area. He went on to setting records at Vanden High School before heading off to college where the name King Crawford rang louder. “I always carried myself this way, I wouldn’t say cocky but for sure confident, on and off the field. I was sure of myself, and my abilities and I had a God given drive that if I couldn’t do something I was gonna for sure do it.” These statements proved to be true, after going undrafted Crawford took matters into his own hands. “Having an agent didn’t matter, I had one, but it wasn’t my agents dream, it wasn’t him that had those sleepless nights. I had to face all that on my own. It was never a plan B in sight for me.”

Crawford then had a friend pick up a camera and record his journey. Crawford put together a serious of workout videos that got him signed to the CFL, Pre-Season look with the Washington Redskins and ultimately create something that Crawford had no idea was in his plans a social media influencer. 

The DreamChasersNeverSleep trilogy which began in 2011 are @k1ngcrawford viral videos turned the world on to being motivated by someone’s grind. “There’s 2 videos out there that changed the way people looked at doing what ever it takes to achieve greatness, and I’m happy that mine was one of them.” The videos attracted many athletes, and companies to what was really going on with Crawford. Body Armor Sports DrinkTraining Mask, Demarcus Cousins, Marshawn Lynch were among some of the people who took notice to his efforts. “I felt like everything came full circle, I achieved all the same things and more, and it felt more meaningful because it wasn’t just about me anymore. I was representing and doing for a lot more people than just myself.” Crawford started working heavily with the youth in his community organizing his non-profit organization in 2015. He brought something to Fairfield, CA that had the kids hyped every summer. The Dream Chasers Elite Football camp is going on its 8th year and usually draws more than 400+ kids for the camp. Several players are in attendance notably Jason Verrett, Desmond Bishop, Quinton Ganther, Lorenzo Alexander, Lavelle Hawkins and many more. “That’s the easy part, us growing up in the same area we didn’t have none of that. I credit Shawn (Marshawn Lynch) for helping me see a bigger picture with throwing camps for my community.” The best part is that DreamChasersNeverSleep grew into more than just a video. It became a brand, clothing line, a youth camp, 7v7 Football team, and most of all a way to live. It also transformed from being about just football, to everything in life, for boys and girls alike.

Exit. King Crawford

Enter. Devaeh Crawford

Crawford is dedicated to all areas in his life, his main one is being a father to daughter. On top of running the DreamChasersNeverSleep organization, he is vastly involved in his daughter’s life.  Already making a name for herself, DevaehCrawford is already a star softball player at just 11 years old. Crawford makes sure to be there every step of the way as a father, provider and teacher.  One thing is for sure, he keeps a busy schedule training his daughter, and takes her wherever she must go in order to be successful. The heiress of DreamChasersNeverSleep has already began to make her own mark on the softball world with bringing the same drive and energy her dad did. Devaeh is already leading the brand in a direction that he hopes will surpass anything he has accomplished.  So, who is Demetrius Crawford?  He is a man who makes sure he is dedicated to all his dreams in life.  His dreams of being a dedicated father and helping his daughter achieve all her dreams. His dreams of never being away from football by creating DreamChasersNeverSleep.  Lastly, his dreams of giving back and making a difference in this world through his DreamChasersNeverSleep organization. Legacy.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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