Exclusive: Pooh Shiesty, Waheed Zai of Smilesss Ahead of the release of ‘Shiesty Season: Certified,’

Pooh Shiesty and digital artist Waheed Zai (co-founder of Smilesss) have collaborated on a new NFT collection ahead of the release of Shiesty Season: Certified later this month.

The alliance also serves as a celebration of the success of the original Shiesty Season release, notably the project’s platinum certification, as described in press materials released this week. The mixtape was certified gold (500,000 units) in May 2021, and platinum (1 million units) by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in February of this year. “Back in Blood” (featuring Lil Durk), “Monday to Sunday” (with Lil Baby and Big30), and “Neighbors” (including Big30) have all been certified platinum.

The Smilesss x Shiesty Season NFT collection includes 250 of each of four Shiesty Season pieces (for a total of 1,000), as well as a one-of-a-kind auction of the official mixtape cover. Buyers of the NFT will receive a Waheed-designed t-shirt and ski mask, as well as a metaverse wearable and an exclusive first listen to Shiesty Season: Certified, which will be released on April 29 as an expanded/deluxe-ified edition of the original cassette. The winner of the one-of-a-kind auction will receive a customised platinum plaque.

“What at the time seemed like a fantastic commission chance,” Waheed, co-creator of Smilesss, says Complex, “today feels like a pivotal point in my artistic career.” “I took a chance on building something I’d never developed before, and Pooh Shiesty and his team took a chance on me delivering on my word.” Months later, that risk allowed me to use Smilesssvrs to create my own universe. With Pooh’s record hitting platinum and me establishing my own name and universe with my NFT project, it seemed only natural that we come together to help highlight and celebrate our growth as artists over the previous year, giving birth to Smilesss x Shiesty Season.”

Sonam Singh
Sonam Singh
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