Jeweler and Entrepreneur Michael Arthur on Embracing Change and Innovating the Game

Embracing changes is necessary to cope with the times. The most successful businesses and brands, regardless of what industry they are in, are always those who have not resisted change and innovate to stay relevant in their field. Professional jeweler Michael Arthur understands how crucial it is for jewelers to continually evolve. Although many jewelry pieces are designed and created to be timeless, sturdy enough to be heirlooms passed from one generation to another, Michael emphasized that jewelers must also maintain a level of relevancy if they want to stay on top of the game.

Michael Arthur is the brilliant and creative mind behind Michael Arthur Diamonds, a company and brand that has been a top-of-mind choice for many consumers looking for quality jewelry pieces. The entrepreneur is continually exploring ways to innovate his designs to personally connect with his customers from all walks of life and found that there is always room for changes. Michael takes pride in the fact that his jewelry has been symbolic pieces in people’s lives, and his attitude towards embracing modern techniques and design has propelled his company above its competition.

Michael Arthur Diamonds specializes in quality rings. Besides creating unique pieces himself, the founder understands that buying jewelry, specifically rings, can be one of the most intimate actions anyone can make for a loved one, and Michael aims to give customers as much control over their pieces as possible. He wants to involve his clients in every step of creating their jewelry, ensuring that their story and the genuine feeling they have for the intended wearer or for themselves are translated into the ring’s design. This mission led him to create a new website featuring a one-of-a-kind ring builder where clients can freely design their own rings. The entrepreneur also revealed that the website would soon be equipped with a 24/7 chat and support system to provide clients with the guidance and expertise they need while they are customizing their designs. 

With his many efforts to continually revolutionize the jewelry industry, along with his rapidly growing social media following, Michael Arthur received the 2021 Most Innovative Jeweler of the Year by APAC Business Awards and also the 25th out of the top 50 smart companies in Australia. 

Asked who inspires him to continually find ways to provide new customer experiences, Michael Arthur proudly named an entrepreneur whose story drives him to be the best in his industry. “I always have many entrepreneurs that have inspired me, but one that stands out to me is Grant Achatz, owner of one of the greatest restaurants in the world—Alinea. He is always evolving and coming up with new ideas,” he shared.

The art of jewelry making has existed for centuries. Today, Michael Arthur is taking the practice a step further into the digital age through his innovative and interactive website. Without a doubt, the entrepreneur and Michael Arthur Diamonds will stand whatever challenge it may face in the future because of the CEO’s positive outlook towards change and innovation. Soon, his pieces would not only be known in Australia but across the globe.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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