Rodd Rafieha Uses Innovation and Functional Design To Drive Lasting Quality 

Abbyson, the LA-based furniture powerhouse, excels in providing its loyal clientele with modern shapes that exude classic comfort and quality. As a family-run business of over 30 years, it continues to uphold the same values and commitment to excellence that first launched the company many years ago. With a yin for innovation, Abbyson routinely surprises the masses with unique takes on timeless pieces alongside family members like Rodd Rafieha, Chief Sales Officer.

Beginning in 1989, the Abbyson name became synonymous with innovation and creative design. The company introduced the first drop-ship platform for e-commerce markets in 2008, a novel approach in the furniture business at the time. As a domain, e-commerce was just getting started and had barely lifted its feet off the ground. By opening the floodgates and drop-shipping furniture across the country in different retail platforms, Abbyson added wings to the furniture market by making high-quality furniture accessible to anyone, everywhere. Because of this drop-ship model, the company grew by 2000% in 2008 alone.

Abby Rafieha, Abbyson’s founder, demonstrated the in’s and out’s of the family business to his three sons through adolescence. Today, Rodd Rafieha continues to weave Abbyson’s core values into his day’s work, especially on the innovation front. In 2018, Rodd Rafieha played an integral role in developing and executing the company’s iTable Mini, a unique evolution of the classic sofa. First of its kind, the iTable Mini is an integrated bluetooth device that allows a user to play music through their couch. It can also simultaneously charge any device while activating its bluetooth technology. In one sweep, this item brought an elevated level of functionality to their product line, a sector which has since grown by 300% between 2018-2022.

Rafieha is active on both social media and athletics, which explains his energetic approach to furniture sales and home design. Much of the furniture industry can feel dated, but Rafieha activates the space with enthusiasm and a zest for progressive growth. This kind of excitement is what we need with home furnishings of this caliber, because in order to keep the industry relevant with younger generations, there needs to be a certain level of leadership and a hunger for breaking boundaries. In his spare time, Rafieha typically engages with sporting events ranging from NBA games to ATP tennis tournaments. Additionally, Rafieha enjoys boxing and martial arts and holds a Black Belt in Hapkido blend. Staying active keeps the drive to improve and succeed fresh in his mind, routinely finding new ways to elevate the family business to new heights. Celebrating Abbyson comes naturally for Rafieha and his family, but it goes a step further when you run in the winner’s circle.

Innovation and a love for the game is part of what sets Abbyson apart from its competitors, routinely surprising their consumers with dynamic product listings and unique ways to interact and live with the furniture we put in our homes and offices. The company is currently further developing different areas and spaces to implement the same kind of technology they introduced with the iTable Mini, striving to elevate any space with swift invention. Abbyson offers a suite of premium products that withstand the test of time, and the company continues to expand their offerings beyond the protocol of most furniture companies. This year, in 2022, they are launching an exclusive and distinctive mattress & boxspring program, and in 2023 they plan to roll out a rug sector.

Despite its expansive influence, Abbyson still retains a local charm. In the early 2000’s, Abby Rafieha began teaching his three sons the in’s and out’s of conducting smart business and the importance of retaining values and a clear vision. Today, Abbyson is still swiftly executed by the family, along with over 500 team members nationwide and over 2,000 worldwide. Abbyson remains a family affair, and its loyal customer base is like their extended family.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper hails from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, and serves as an integral part of LA Featured Magazine's dedicated staff. As a committed team member, Mason's contribution has had a significant impact on the magazine's growth and popularity over the years.


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