House of the Dragon: After MAJOR character’s death in Ep 8, Paddy Considine teases ‘mayhem’ ahead

Paddy Considine who plays King Viserys Targareyen on House of the Dragon on what lies ahead in the show after explosive episode 8.

House of the Dragon recently dropped its eighth episode and the first season of the show is only two episodes away from wrapping up. The Game of Thrones prequel managed to surpass the expectations set by fans when it was first announced and the new show has been lapped up by the audiences with as much excitement as its sequel did previously. 

*Spoilers Alert* With the big finale coming close, some major turning points in the plot were expected and the eighth episode was all about delivering those. One of the most significant characters of the show, King Viserys I  (Paddy Considine)met with his end as his ailing condition reached its worst point. All through Viserys was seen as the King who wanted nothing more than House Targaryen to remain united in the face of any enemy that shall appear and that a suitable Targaryen be seated on the Iron Throne. 

Although towards the end of his time, Viserys found House Targaryen more divided than ever as we saw Queen Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy) going up against one another to make sure their children inherit the Iron throne. The latest episode though saw an emotional dinner table scene as Viserys got to say his last words to his family as he urged them to stay united. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Paddy Considine spoke about the heartbreaking way his character said his final goodbye and teased about what lies ahead for House Targaryen.

Paddy Considine on Viserys’ fate 

Considine admitted that Viserys gets a “noble and dignified” death after suffering with an affliction for so long. Speaking about how power and assuming the role of the King begins his decline, he said, “The demands of being a king take their toll on the physical body. So it was interesting playing that decline in him. He’s just trying to do good. He gets to say a few words before he leaves, which I was grateful for.”

The actor added that he believes his biggest mistake was not giving the throne to his sister Rhaenys. Considering that following the King’s death, there will be a war waging soon what with the fight for the Iron throne and its legitimate successor will begin. Considine teased what fans can expect ahead saying, “It’s absolute destruction and mayhem and madness”, via THR. 

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