Meet Coach Isaiah Pace

Coach Isaiah Pace is one of the most brightest minds in the sport of basketball today with his blend of traditional and innovative coaching philosophy. Pace brings a wealth of basketball knowledge from working on the NCAA, Junior College, & NBA levels.

Coach Pace’s basketball career started as a player on his varsity basketball team at St. Augustine High School where he was known as one of the best on ball defenders to ever come out of the state of Florida. During his senior season, his team finished 18-9 with a district title and state playoff berth. Follow high school, Pace played at Daytona State College before his desire to coach led him to the sidelines.
He would go onto coach at the junior college & NCAA levels before getting a chance to work for the Orlando Magic. While with the franchise, Pace undertook a coaching role as skill development coach and doing community basketball events. He developed and scouted NBA players and trained eventual four and five-star division 1 recruits through the team’s basketball academy.

While at Dallas Baptist University, Pace was asked to volunteer his time to help players in skill development during the summer and was soon after offered a full-time role before the start of the regular season. He was also given recruiting duties throughout the AAU and high school basketball circuit. In his innovation, Pace introduced a new defensive drill and philosophy to the team and staff that improved the team from 4th to 2nd in steals & 6th to 2nd in Turnover Margin in the Lone Star Conference. Pace was an integral part of pulling major upsets against #1 nationally ranked Lubbock Christian University 75-73 ending their 20-0 undefeated record and beating #4 ranked Colorado Mesa 63-56.

Coach Pace’s passion for coaching comes his belief that anyone can achieve anything if they put the right work ethic and mental approach behind it. Since then he has taken this passion and made an impact on the players and programs he’s been a part of. Pace is committed to student-athlete development off the court in academic support, mental health, & career coaching.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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