Excelling at both music and entrepreneurship with his innate skills and talents, make way for Phillip Sanders.

Phillip Sanders exudes pure passion for music as a singer and songwriter while also making his mark as an entrepreneur.

It is so surreal to learn about all those people and professionals who, in ways, more than one, forge ahead in giving their best in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. These professionals working across sectors around the world are those who make sure to jump into their chosen field and tread on unconventional roads, walking their way to the top. The world has seen innumerable such talented beings in all these years, but there is a handful, who stand distinctive from the rest in incredible ways, just like Phillip Sanders has stood as a versatile professional, both in music and in the world of entrepreneurship.

Phillip Sanders stands tall and unique as one of those innovative minds who believes in giving his best and creating more value through his work. Today, he has risen to the top as a prominent American country artist, singer and songwriter while also making his mark as an investment entrepreneur. In 2016, he jumped into the music space and since then has only seen an upward growth trend as an artist, giving incredible singles like “Over a Beer,” Drink You Down,” “With Her I AM,” “We Do that in the Country,” “Lay You Down & Love You,” “If I Didn’t Love You Girl,” “What I Didn’t Do,” and “Another You.” 

Florida born and raised music artist comes from a musical family background, and so choosing the creative and artistic space was not a tough choice for him. However, when it comes to entrepreneurship, he credits his wife, Mercedes Sanders, with whom he partners in business. Currently, they have launched a fragrance for men called “Matador,” collaborating with Graciano Ltd, a company known for producing custom fragrances for men and owned by his wife. He became an investment entrepreneur much before he turned into a music artist and, since then, has worked with his wife doing several business ventures.

So far, they have ventured into sectors like wine, men’s cologne, and oil and gas. However, Phillip Sanders is now more focused on his music career, working around country music to offer listeners something new and refreshing to groove on to. This also allowed him to reach the #1 spot in the Top 100 Artist Direct’s trending weekly artists for 11 consecutive weeks, besides earning three nominations in Josie Awards, Independent Music Awards held in Nashville and Grand Ole Opry in October 2022.

Phillip Sanders is determined to do more and be more, be it in entrepreneurship or in music, and for that has been working on many new music productions while also promoting his business ventures.

Do check out his Instagram @phillipsandersmusic and website to know more.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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