The youthful drive of Vadim Mashurov 

Vadim Mashurov is a name synonymous with success in Ukraine. Working directly with a US based startup by the time he was 14 years old turned some heads. 

He maintained that from a young age he had the propensity to work, while others were merely at play. Along with a hard-line work-ethic, he realized that he must resist momentary distractions and focus on the long game.

Mashurov comes from humble beginnings. Initially growing up just outside Kyiv, in the town of Brovary, the family eventually moved to the countryside where he found himself with more solitude, and hence more spare time. It was in the rural setting that his interest in computers blossomed. At around the age of 11 he started coding with Delfy, gradually moving on to C++, then Javascript, and more. This led him to landing his very first job –  developing video games. After approximately 3 years in game development, he decided it was time to move on. Instead, he wanted to commit 100% of his efforts into coordination and management. A transition he made smoothly.

It was through the trials and tribulations of that position which provided him and his close friend the confidence to start Instime in 2019. Instime is a social media marketing tool that gives any user the feasibility to promote, analyze, and ultimately monetize their Instagram accounts. Although Instime was initially the idea of his partner, they went on together and created a marketing tool to be reckoned with, proving to be extremely popular with its easy to use design. While looking at preliminary analysis during the development process, they already understood that the product would be in high demand. 

As it turned out, the results far surpassed their expectations. In a little over 3 months, Instime was being used in more than 100 countries around the world, now having a user-base exceeding 125,000. In the world of Digital Marketing and Social Media, Instime is one of the top companies within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). On top of interest from Instagram (which initially looked at Instime as a competitor), the rapid growth led to the launch of consultations with Google Ukraine as well. In the end having Mashurov show them the potential of blockchain technology to analyze and predict trends in the market.

Mashurov believes that the overall environment of a project is what dictates what can be achieved, not the age of a person. By setting proper goals and putting in place a comprehensive plan to achieve them, he has managed to find success in numerous fields. Young people often possess the means to try new things without fear, and this is a crucial element to develop new businesses. Mashurov is no exception, and it is this youthful mentality that has allowed him to become an IT industry leader.

Although extremely successful in the social media market, Mashurov didn’t feel very comfortable there. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to return to the financial market, he took advantage of it. His team was among the first to start working with blockchain, outsourcing the service. A number of large companies approached them because they could see that they were serious enthusiasts. When Mashurov hired people, it was important that they were people willing to devote 8 hours a day to work, and another 8 hours for training. Essentially he hired a team of machines with whom he constantly learned and worked with. This naturally appealed to their clients, and as a result, they occupied a niche inside the crypto and decentralized technology sphere.

Mashurov has now founded an investment firm that utilizes both blockchain and neural network computing in order to place and monitor investments. With nearly 30,000 people registered in 90+ countries, it already shares the same success as previous endeavors. This along with running Instime is quite the feat for the young adult, now just 23 years of age. Of course, it does not stop there.

Next, he plans to develop and deploy an international financial ecosystem. This will be in order to provide financial literacy to children as young as 7. There will be a full range of services to be provided within the ecosystem including those which will avoid unnecessary intermediaries and their fees. He is working on a whole set of crypto tools to advance within the global financial market and he plans to establish an international project aimed at changing people’s thinking for the better.

Currently, he is preparing to launch a bank. To do this, they already have their own cryptocurrency wallet and an Estonian license. His team is also preparing to create a Launchpad and a startup accelerator. All this in a slightly non-standard model, where investors will not simply give money and leave. Instead, the startup will receive a large number of people, and from each of them, an insignificant amount of funds that will allow each of them to become investors. As a result, the project receives both an audience and finances. 

Vadim Mashurov is an example of today’s enterprising youth. An example of progress which seeks the betterment of the entire world around us. Surely there is more innovation to come from Mashurov and his associates. With the speed that he has obtained these previous successes, it is unlikely we’ll wait too long for the next portfolio addition.

In a recent interview Mashurov stated, “I’ve always recommended that people invest as much as they can in themselves first”. Following his own advice has seemed to pay off in spades.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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