Eli and Mike’s Goal Is to Give Back to the LGBTQ+ Community Through Their Brand, M&E Real Estate Services

Incorporating LGBTQ+ people into corporate culture is long overdue. It is why Eli and Mike are out and proud in their own businesses: they share this view. Business partners Eli and Mike have known each other for almost a decade, worked together for many of those years, and recently tied the knot in November this year. Whoever said business and romance could not coexist? That person needs to meet Eli Delgado and Mike Vizcarra. As in any business, sometimes your best partner is right next to you.

M&E Real Estate Services is owned by Eli Delgado and Mike Vizcarra, who together lead a staff of twenty-two and counting. Eli has a stake in the business as a co-owner of the company, Mortgage Guys. Both organizations collaborate well with one another, and clients of Eli and Mike’s real estate team have a blast as they make or break a deal. As a team, they have almost 30 years of expertise, so it comes as no surprise that they can make any event truly remarkable. The fact that Eli and Mike aren’t afraid to be themselves makes them so delightful to watch, and it’s something that anyone, not just those in the LGBTQ+ community, can admire.

By just being themselves, members of the LGBTQ community have increased their visibility in the property market and, more broadly, in the corporate world. Besides their extensive knowledge in the real estate and financing industries, Eli and Mike can offer their clients the reassurance that comes from working with a company that gets them. Eli and Mike have also set up a mentorship program to assist aspiring businesspeople, particularly those who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. They are positive that this group would benefit most from having a positive role model.

Eli and Mike’s success thus far can be attributed, in no small measure, to their positive mindsets. When questioned about the role of mindset in their achievements, they responded, “It is everything. To do what we do, one must face many adversaries, including those who despise you.” Both come from impoverished families and have suffered from discrimination. They’ve had their share of hardships, but they’ve got each other, and now they’re the proud parents of two gorgeous teenagers and a thriving business.

Eli and Mike’s company has faced its share of difficulties like any other. For them, their biggest challenge was having to connect with more prominent real estate agents or higher branded loan officers to be hired in their office. It has also been challenging to break into the world of celebrities while also producing more marketing content. Lifestyle material, including Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and TikTok broadcasts, is in high demand. So is the M&E Real Estate Services name brand in industries such as real estate, mortgage lending, fashion, celebrity culture, gay parenting, and vlogging. Keeping up can be a bit challenging.

Eli Delgado and Mike Vizcarra are working hard to establish their businesses and achieve Instagram verification so that they may focus on developing a solid brand. These simple changes will have significant effects on their enterprise. In particular, they’re targeting public figures as potential new customers. These people are confident in their abilities and aware of their own value. Because of their continued success and tenacity, they receive offers from various businesses, not just real estate but also fashion. 

By simply being themselves, Eli and Mike are already creating waves. They are on Instagram at @Eliandmike. Follow them to learn more about their journey.

Mason Cooper
Mason Cooper
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