Dr. Ehsan Sadri is Committed to Breakthroughs in Ophthalmology, a Field at the Forefront of Medical Innovation

The pace of scientific progress is unprecedented. The expanding technological capabilities, the ever-improving accuracy of medical equipment, and the wealth of information at the disposal of scientists, researchers, and inventors all contribute to the thrilling sense of discovery that characterizes the present. Dr. Ehsan Sadri, a certified eye surgeon, is taking advantage of this technological progress. 

Dr. Ehsan Sadri is the founder of Visionary Ventures, a venture capital fund that invests in startup ophthalmology companies that help bring novel solutions for patients. Visionary Ventures was established on the heels of the pandemic. Dr. Ehsan Sadri is the first person in his family to attend medical school and is a first-generation Iranian American. He has been in practice as a board-certified laser eye surgeon in Newport Beach, California, since 2004. 

Enthusiastic about new ideas, Dr. Sadri is always curious about making patients see better and have the best experience. Using the startup fund, he and his colleagues are able to shape the future of ophthalmology, address patients’ unmet needs, and close service gaps. His desire to aid those in need of vision correction naturally expanded into something that will benefit more people than just those who visit his clinic. Dr. Sadri has delivered more than 300 lectures that have been formally reviewed. 

He also runs a charity that helps the poor all over the world get free eye surgery.

His one-of-a-kind method of doing business has given him the mental leverage to drive innovation and development. The “lunchbox attitude” keeps him rooted and dedicated to the grunt work he loves to do in his field, and he is a firm believer in its value. Quoting Earl Nightingale, Dr. Sadri  said, “Success means the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Motivated by this quote, Dr. Sadri alludes to his ambition to create new solutions for eye patients across the business.

Dr. Sadri is constantly working on being the best he can be. He said, “Rather than worrying about how others are doing, I think it’s more important to compete against one’s self. The Japanese have a wonderful concept known as Kaizen, which means the relentless pursuit of excellence. Constantly nudging forward and pushing through adversity.” His advice to entrepreneurs is to have confidence in themselves and their idea and work hard to put together a strong team capable of seeing that vision through.

The esteemed Dr. Ehsan Sadri is widely regarded as a pioneer in his area. He is a frequent speaker at ophthalmology conferences, where he discusses cutting-edge methods and equipment for treating eye problems. His extensive knowledge and experience make him an invaluable resource for teaching other eye surgeons how to protect and restore patients’ sight. He intends to add sunglasses, eye creams, and blue-blocking spectacles to complement his current collection of eye care products.

To know more about Dr. Sadri and his impact, follow him on Instagram at @DrEhsanSadri.

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